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25. April 2017
by ardmin

I did it! Recreating link without LiveCD.

First, I did something stupid. Not once, but twice! I copied a new Library to my /lib64 Folder and tried to change the link from to I wrote:

unlink /lib64/ && ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/

And … BAM! No command was usable after unlinking! It could not create the new link, because ln was itself depending on! And now you’re left with simply root-bash. But exactly this – was my saviour!

Second, Another mistake! I tried to copy the file into a new (which was missing). BAM! I created a file with no way of deleting it for further correction! I was stuck! And the best – I tried to:

echo /lib64/ >/lib64/

which copied the “string” /lib64/ into the file! How could I ? What was I thinking ?
Goodness. Then some bash-saints showed themselves to me and some tricks to my shell:


  • If you deleted your link – just use ldconfig. It creates your
  • If you’ve created a wrong this is not possible!

Okay. So LD_PRELOAD loads a library in front of every other library. I could remove my silly error:

LD_PRELOAD=/lib64/ /bin/rm /lib64/

which deleted my failing link and

ldconfig -l -v /lib64/

which created my again. I was saved! Thank you bash-god. It is really working! One thing at last – If you try to copy the content of a file to another file with echo, try this:

echo $(</lib64/ >/lib64/

And another thing: Version did not work for my system. I’m stuck again with Missing symbols included.

Don’t you fiddle with your system! It’s dangerous if you don’t know how to repair it!


14. December 2016
by ardmin

SSSD creates wrong Kerberos credential cache files at login

I’m using kerberized Linux Systems quite a while now, without problems since sssd entered the stage. Now, even if the MIT does hardcode the DEFCCNAME into its configuration and obviously every single configuration needed to keep the KRB5CCNAME to be /tmp/krb5cc_${UID}. SSSD uses mkstemp(3) to create randomized characters at the end of your file which renders it unusable for many services.

I created a short script then (sorry for bash):

This script should be executed every minute or after every login, just to correct problems you wouldn’t have without developers ignoring configuration defaults. Even if it is not their standard of security. Gosh!
I’ve put it into /etc/cron.d. Thank you system load. Thank you SSSD.

Have fun.

20. October 2016
by ardmin

Updating Windows 10 or the KB3172985 Odyssey

Jep. Now it hits my notebook. I’m running Windows 10 pro on a dualboot notebook with my beloved elementary linux. OK. Windows World it is!

After some problems updating computers running windows 10 in our work-domain, I’ve encountered recently the new KB3172985. The “Anniversary Update” or so. While my system couldn’t handle the update by itself – It failed over 25 times to install it (you can see it in your update history) – It is possible to download an upgrade assistant via the Microsoft Home Page: This little tool should provide your system with another solution.


If your update system is broken you can check these 3 Points nevertheless:

Running in an administrative command shell (right click on Start Menu and choosing Command Prompt (Administrative)) you’ll stopping the Intelligent Background Transfer Service (BITS) and the Update-Service (Wuauserv) deleting some Update-Files to let Microsoft Update reinitialize their Service.

1. stop the services:
net stop wuauserv
net stop bits

2. delete everything in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
3. start the services again
net start wuauserv
net start bits

Sometimes it works like a charm, sometimes it won’t. Do not expect to much.
Ganbatte! がんばって

24. August 2016
by ardmin

Problems compiling hsiproc with OpenCV and cmake

I am building modules ( of my installed software on my linux machine. So I’ve built some OpenCV modules. All compiled with cmake. No Problem so far.

So I’ve built the versions 2.4.8, 2.4.11 and 2.4.13 to get another software to run: hsiproc ( After installing and configuring all the prerequisites (configured all looks fine), I wanted to build this program. But all I got is a annoying C++ Error, which I (since I am not familiar with the code itself) cannot grasp immediately.

The first is:

error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token
class RFClass : public CvRTrees{

Another error is:

error: ‘CvRTrees’ has not been declared
int get_nclasses(){ return CvRTrees::nclasses;}

So. Everything looks like the Program is

    missing the CvRTrees class

. Since I found references in opencv2/ml/ml.hpp I assume it is an opencv class. All opencv classes should be included. Still I’ve got this error.

ps: It works without problems on another system though. 🙁

14. April 2016
by ardmin

Getting gnome commander run smb queries

While installing another elementary OS into a virtual machine, I’ve discovered a solution to a long missing feature in gnome commander. It must have been a while since gnome commander was state of the art (if ever), but I like it nonetheless. To support SMB browsing in gnome-commander you have to install libgnomevfs2-extra.

sudo apt-get install libgnomevfs2-extra

Thank you John Bennett! (